This is the end! Sophy’s day 18.


imageSo…… A restless nights sleep, filled with anxiety dreams of not hearing alarms, missing publicity opportunities and bicycles breaking down turned to the misty light of dawn. We were in the saddle by 6.45 and straight into hill land and the misty chill away from Tongue – what a beautiful place to stay. For the last day of our trip, Scotland seemed to be throwing everything it had at us; a strong head wind, long steep hill after hill, low cloud obscuring the view and the tantalising knowledge of being 67 miles for our goal. So we kept our heads down and pushed our legs to their lactic acid limit. The welcome at John o was fantastic, with Mo ruining her now well trained choral voice, peter and louise exhausted but still able to hold the Nike finish line tape straight and the three of us managing to cycle in to the car park rather than down to the sign! The message on the sign was changed for the FYL chant, and the overwhelming emotion of realising the dream was archived in every angle of photograph. Then, no sooner had we finished, the bikes were dismantled and the van packed. A three way split of team to make our merry, story filled and foggy way back to the lovely city of Inverness, baths, comfort and a well needed sleep.
And now to the final challenge.

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Our Kayak paddle from Bedford to The Wash.

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I hope you will continue to follow us and support our campaign by spreading the FYL word to all who might be interested. Thank you so much for your interest and support.

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