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In 1992, in San Francisco, written full-length album «Kerplunk!». He became the main impetus, after which their music drew the attention of major labels. After deliberation, the band chose Reprise Records label. Already on it Dookie album was released in 1994. Then the song Longview, was filmed a video clip. green day 2017 In 1995, the collection Insomniac was discharged in the late spring of that year the tune «J.A.R» from the soundtrack to the film Angus wins shake outlines. Sleep deprived person Sales went well – around two million duplicates were sold in the spring of 1996, yet none of the singles, including «Brain Stew/Jaded», did not get to be as prominent as singles from Dookie. Spring of 1996, Green Day unexpectedly wiped out an European visit, and the gathering puts in a year resting and get ready material for another collection. The outcome was the best in the feeling of numerous, the collection – Nimrod.