Brett Anthony


Brett studied at Shuttleworth college to have a career in outward bound sports. At 6ft 4 tall he became a popular and talented young man able to teach most sports to include Kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and many more. He had worked at Bodyflight (Flow House Bedford) for 3 years and become a team leader he was also in the top 3 for flow riding! Expecting to win the 2011 European FLOW Championships.

On the 1st September 2011 Brett had a life changing accident when the brake on a zip wire he was traveling down failed to stop him, he crashed to a halt, hitting into the metal A frame and metal stays at approximately 40 miles per hour! He was air lifted to Addenbrookes Hospital where he underwent lifesaving surgery; his family were called to be at the hospital as the Doctors did not know if Brett would or even could survive! He was treated for a transacted aorta (aorta is the main blood vessel in the body) the team put in a 20cm titanium stent to repair it. Brett was taken to the Neurological Critical Care Unit (NCCU). The surgeon explained to his parents that the operation was a success, all blood loss had been stopped! He had survived a punctured lung, a collapsed lung, 12 broken ribs, blood flow had been lost from 1 kidney and they had added a graft to the other kidney and hoped it would kick start. His pancreas was damaged but the transplantation team believed it to be ok. He would have a second operation to stabilise his broken back. When family all saw Brett, he was heavily sedated and on life support! on day 9 Brett went off to have his back operated on, the surgeon reported that the operation was a success but it was a complete break and Brett would be paralysed from the waist down! After 19 days and lots of highs and lows Brett had a tracheotomy so he could be taken off sedation but still be able to breath. Brett was told the tragic news that he would never walk again…

On Wednesday 16th November 2011 Brett arrived at Stoke Mandeville hospital for the start of his rehabilitation. After 4 intensive months of aches and pains, highs and lows Brett was discharged. This was early April 2012 he knew that he would have an incredible tough time with adjusting to a normal life but being as stubborn as he is, Brett lives independently on his own with very little help from others. After a few weeks of adjustment, Brett found him self driving a new BMW 320D a car he has always wished to drive!

Brett continues to be an inspirational young man with a very positive outlook he has many visions for the future….